All our beers are brewed according to traditional malt and hops without adding spices methods, caramelized sugar, flavor enhancers , colorings , preservatives or other additives. The beers are fermented in the bottles or barrels , unfiltered and unpasteurized . These rules of conduct we impose guarantee unique taste and smell qualities and produce character beers that will enjoy the amateurs.

Fusion of an English and German hops , it gives off a subtle nose , cool and well hopped . Her delicate blond – gold robe reveals his simple and sober character . On the palate , dry beer and round at a time, allowing a balanced taste which makes it very accessible. fraiche served as a tulip glass, it quenches and lets out the neck of the best fragrance .



  • Style : Blond bier
  • Color : gold
  • Alcool : 6,5 % vol.
  • Bitterness : 36 EBU
  • hops : Brewers Gold, Pioneer
  • Operating temperature : 6-8°C
  • Glass : tulip glass of the brewery

For more information : Brasserie Sainte-Hélène SPRL | Rue d’Arlon 17A | 6820 Florenville | Tél +32 (0)61 46 45 43 | Fax +32 (0)61 21 91 26

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